Jessie Gardner, Founder Heysoul.com

"Clever Hub and Stephanie's coaching have opened my eyes to the massive opportunity that comes with utilizing an email management platform. Clever Hub rivals any of the big players out there. It is intricate, complex and the capabilities take email analytics and customer service touchpoints to an entirely new peak. But what makes this experience different is when this system meets service. Stephanie is a natural teacher and understands the stigma around the complexities of email management systems. She breaks it all down with powerful insight and actionable steps, and is accessible for questions no matter how small or mighty they may be. The pairing of technology and Stephanie's expertise and coaching, make this experience priceless."  


Christine Hayes, Co-Founder, Anahob.com

"Clever Hub is a robust system. It has the capabilities of Infusion Soft but is reasonably priced and allows a beauty start-up like mine to access the same features. The ability to work closely with Stephanie was an honor. To be able to access the knowledge of such a successful woman who has experience building an amazing business and active list was invaluable. My sister and I truly enjoyed our experience working with Stephanie. We learned a lot and we are continuing to learn more each day. Our list has grown and continues to grow as we implement Stephanie's list building techniques. Because this system is so robust, signing up for the coaching program with Stephanie is a MUST. The coaching program was instrumental in helping us to best utilize all of the features to build our list." 




Crystal Tenpenny, Co-Founder, Teamotions.com

"Clever Hub is what I have been looking for for 6 years! Managing email campaigns, sign-ups, where traffic is coming from, A/B testing, you name it, this software can do it!  Working with Stephanie has not only made the learning curve less - but she is full of great ideas and good advice. I haven't even tapped the full potential of Clever Hub and it's already worth every penny."


Dr. Christian Robertozzi, Founder, Bentonville Physical Therapy Specialists

"Having Clever Hub allows me to work smarter, not harder. I am able to email documents for signature right to my patients, keep my calendar, send out emails and newsletters, even text my patients appointment reminders all from my Clever Hub dashboard. I use the autoresponders and drip campaigns to keep in touch with my patients and can even take payments. I use the booking calendar to let my patients book appointments with me and the event registration for workshops I hold - everything is automated. It's pretty incredible."