When You Just need Two of you.  

Hey, I get it. You're a small biz and a small team with a big dream. That means all hands on deck. But what if you could duplicate yourself and get twice the output with half the effort?  

Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Text Message Campaigns, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, CRM, Project Management and more. 



I'm Stephanie, founder of Chic CEO - an online resource for female entrepreneurs.

My team and I grew our list to over 100k - and we did it with Clever Hub. 

When you have a small team with a big dream - it's easy to burn everyone out by trying to manage every.single.task. 

When you support your team (even if your team is just you and your dog) with a powerful software, you can literally double your output.

Duplicate yourself with technology until robots officially replace you!  

Clever Hub does it all (seriously, see below) and I'm going to personally show you how to use it so your team won't be so frazzled and you can build an audience who love and adore you. (I assume you're loveable - so this should be easy.) 

P.S. Even though there are fun colors and I tell you dad jokes, this software is serious stuff. It's just as powerful as InfusionSoft but with more features that are actually useful.

Raise Your Hand If...

  • You read articles on growing your list - but you don't have the tech background to implement.
  • You have a snazzy opt-in - but you don't know how to deploy it.
  • You know you NEED TO AUTOMATE.
  • You are intimidated by the big programs out there (looking at you ConfusionSoft) that make you pay $1000 to be trained on how to use it - or they won't let you use it.
  • You have a small team and would like to rely on a program to help you operate like a big team.
  • You want to connect and network with other entrepreneurs who are also growing their list, so you can exchange ideas, tips, tricks and Game of Thrones memes. 
  • You like to look like you have it all together and are totally professional (even if you ate green beans for dinner last night. Out of the can. Standing over the sink.)

So What Does Clever Hub Do? 

Clever Hub is an online platform that does the following: 

  • Email Marketing: can and will send unlimited emails on your behalf every month. 
  • CRM: That's Customer Relationship Management, aka: knowing the 411 on your tribe.
  • Text Message Campaigns: Oh heck yeah! Text messaging is hot right now - send messages from your dashboard.
  • Clever Signup Forms: Dynamic signup forms that you can integrate right into your website.
  • Event Management: Take registration fees and RSVP all your peeps to your event/workshop/show/seminar...
  • Surveys: Ask people stuff!
  • Project Management: You and your team can keep track of all projects, even if they're remote.
  • Calendar: Manage important dates and times. Like my birthday! It's April 17. 
  • AutoResponders and Drip Campaigns: Automate your messages, so you can sleep in.
  • Analytics: Because the numbers really do matter.
  • Courses: Upload videos and quizzes to deploy a course. Use for your internal team, or sell it as a product. 
  • Wiki: Does your team repeatedly ask you the same question? Put the instructions for the coffee maker here.
  • ... the obligatory last bullet point "and more!"