The Clever Plan is perfect if you are ready to start growing your audience. You can send unlimited emails, set up sales funnels, autoresponders, landing pages, galore. 

Both plans come with coaching from me. Why? Because growing your list is HARD. And having grown mine to 100k means I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I want to share with you.



You're gaining momentum! Aw yeah! The Pro-Clever Plan is our most popular.

Growing your list to 10k is definitely something to celebrate. With your 3 coaching sessions, we should be able to ramp up your efforts and use some really clever automation to accelerate your growth.


The Super-Clever Plan is perfect if you already have 25k+ on your list and are looking to take it to the next level! You get all of the features to really ramp up your efforts.

We'll extend your coaching here so that you and I can really develop some grand ideas with fabulous implementation strategies.

Having a consultant put this together for you would normally run you $7500-$10k. Yikes! We'll get all of it done for a $997 one time fee, and then you'll move forward with the plan you choose.

Once we get all of your systems put in to place and it's running smoothly, we'll have your coaching sessions to make sure you are ready to rock. Best part? It'll all be done within 14 days. Aw yeah!! 

Not a question, but a thank you. The HARO post alone got me 50+ subscribers to my list within the first half hour of it being up! Finishing up the article today - thank you for this idea!!!
— Jessie, founder

You are not committed to a certain amount of time with Clever Hub. You can cancel anytime. (Although - we don't offer refunds, so purchase mindfully.) If you try Clever Hub, we have our coaching sessions, and it's not for you - no hard feelings. If you find that you want to come back, you are always welcome to do so!